March, 2005 Archive

Preview: Angels in the Minefield

March 31, 2005

The AL West: a tradition of strong teams; a tradition of getting tossed out on their asses in the postseason.* (*except for 2002) Ted Bauer takes a walk down the coast to run down the possibilities for 2005. If you see him walking, give him a Clif bar and he’ll be just fine.

The Squared Diamond

March 31, 2005

Even though Fox refuses to cover baseball until June, fans across the country are already preparing their alternate audio options so they can avoid the Charlie-Brown’s-schoolteacher whine that is Tim McCarver. Back on December 12, 1998 Derek Zumsteg offered up a better method than dot races and “hat tricks” to get excitement into baseball. Note the eerily prescient reference to Jose Canseco…

Epstein trades Kim; grounds self for month

March 31, 2005

Admitting that Byung-Hyun Kim’s two-year, $10 million contract was “a mistake,” Red Sox GM Theo Epstein traded the troubled reliever to the Rockies on Wednesday for LHP Chris Narveson and C Charles Johnson. Epstein then released Johnson and sent Narveson to AAA Pawtucket. “We certainly made a mistake and I take responsibility for that,” Epstein […]

Rockies ready to toss out first punch

March 31, 2005

With the Cactus League wrapping up, three Rockies players found themselves tossed from a different game — the Phoenix Suns’ NBA tilt against the Denver Nuggets. Four Rockies, OF Matt Holliday and pitchers Shawn Chacon, Brian Fuentes and Javier Lopez, had been sitting immediately behind Suns owner Robert Sarver, who took exception to the ballplayers’ […]

Big Cat can’t hang in there, baby

March 30, 2005

Cancer couldn’t stop Andres Galarraga’s career, but his own high standards did on Tuesday, as the 19-year veteran retired as the Mets prepared to trim their roster for the regular season. Galarraga, a Gold Glover and five-time All-Star, was hitting just .235 this spring as a non-roster invitee. Needing only one home run to make […]

NL Central Predix: Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum…

March 30, 2005

Now it’s over to the Biggest Division, where last year the Birds of Play smacked the livin’ bejeebers out of everyone. Since there were no hockey sticks to be had this past winter, where does that leave the crimson gang? And there are at least five more stories in the naked city. Michael Cox does his best to not say too many bad things about Pittsburgh. (He fails miserably.)

Clemens, Wells pine for days when you could slug umpires

March 29, 2005

Two-fifths of the Yankees’ championship rotation looked like those days were long gone in their final spring starts Monday, as Roger Clemens and David Wells were pounded in their Grapefruit League games. Clemens gave up seven runs in six innings to the Tigers in only his third spring appearance, but Wells’ performance — allowing five […]

AL West Predix: Pacific Pummellers

March 28, 2005

Turning his attention to the littlest division, Michael Cox declares it “all-offense, all the time.” Or “50 good-looking hitters (and three ugly ones).” Or “the land that pitching forgot.” Only one thing’s for sure: get crazy with those ThunderStix one more time and you’ll be using them as suppositories.

Preview: Muddle America

March 26, 2005

It’s the division with the only remaining curse in baseball. (Unless you count Bud Selig.) Ted Bauer runs down the middle of the NL, looking at injury-prone superstars, social-security-collecting aces, and enumerates the antagonists, protagonists, and, um, goats.

Stop press: Sportswriters who stomped Mac may not vote for him

March 25, 2005

NEW YORK, NY — If the baseball writers who elect Hall of Famers voted today, Mark McGwire wouldn’t make it, according to an Associated Press poll published Friday. Barry Bonds, however, would probably be a first-ballot inductee. Polling 155 members of the Baseball Writers Association of America, 65 (42 percent) said they would vote for […]

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