Giambi off scot-free; Jim Rome bursts blood vessel

From the Newsroom

Yankees DH/1B Jason Giambi received good news from the House Government Reform Committee on Tuesday when the body excused him from Thursday’s hearings. In grand jury testimony during the BALCO trial, Giambi admitted to using substances he knew to be steroids. His testimony was subsequently illegally leaked to the media, who in turn subsequently can’t stop talking about it.

Giambi was excused from the hearings due to complications it could cause to the federal case against BALCO. “All other invited witnesses, however, will be expected to comply with the subpoenas issued to them last week,” said Reps. Tom Davis and Henry Waxman in a statement Tuesday. Later the Congressmen told everyone how much better they could have done with that Watergate thing…

Published March 15, 2005

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