Selig to speak; No-Doz stock spikes

From the Newsroom

Several players may no-show the upcoming House committee hearing on steroids, but commissioner Bud Selig plans to proudly speak of MLB’s new policy, which involves some form of testing and potential penalties of one kind or another. Selig also delivered documents subpoenaed by the Government Reform Committee, including testing data from all the way back to 1970 (expect Willie Mays to have to deflect media questions about his steroid use).

Meanwhile, attorneys continued to ask the committee to excuse some of the players they had subpoenaed. A letter from lawyers David McIntosh and Michael Kantor stated that Rafael Palmiero should not be made to appear simply based on statements in Jose Canseco’s book. “To require that he come to answer baseless charges is unfair,” the letter asserted. We couldn’t decide on a “Congress just wants cheap Viagra” punchline here…

Published March 15, 2005

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