Alomar retires, going from spittle to drool

From the Newsroom

After being plagued with eye and back problems this spring, Roberto Alomar retired on Saturday after 17 seasons in baseball. Signing a $600,000, one-year contract with the Devil Rays in hopes of keeping his career alive, Alomar had a rough spring, including two errors in one inning of Friday’s preseason game.

“I just can’t go anymore,” Alomar said. “My back, legs and eyes aren’t the same. I don’t want to embarrass myself or my teammates.” Leaving with 10 Gold Gloves, 11 All-Star appearances and 2724 base hits, Alomar’s time in baseball was also clouded by a 1996 incident in which he spit on umpire John Hirschbeck. Alomar and Hirschbeck later became friends. “I hope that’s not how people remember me,” Alomar told reporters, who then included it in every news story…

Published March 19, 2005

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