Bonds’ ex testifies he did all the bad stuff; details only $14.98

From the Newsroom

Breaking a federal secrecy order, unnamed sources have detailed BALCO hearing testimony from Barry Bonds’ ex-girlfriend, in which she stated that Bonds knowingly used performance enhancing drugs. The testimony, in the ongoing conspiracy case against the laboratory, indicates that prosecutors are looking to implicate Bonds in the scandal.

Kimberly Bell, who is currently working on a book about her life with Bonds, was subpoenaed to testify after she appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s talk show. She testified that Bonds told her he began using non-injectable steroids prior to 1999, and that he gave her cash he earned under-the-table, totalling $80,000, towards a down payment on her house.

Bonds’ attorney, Michael Rains, previously accused Bell of extortion when, after Bonds broke up with her, she sought to have him pay $100,000 to pay off her houser. In a letter denying payment, Rains called Bell’s claims “absurd,” after which Bell dropped the lawsuit and began writing her book. In the wake of these revelations, boyfriends across America are drawing up confidentiality agreements…

Published March 21, 2005

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