Broadcaster misspeaks, is nominated for Tim McCarver Award

From the Newsroom

ST. LOUIS, MO — Cardinals broadcaster Wayne Hagin apologized Wednesday for a statement he made over the weekend which implied that Todd Helton had done steroids. “I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking about what to do next: I can’t un-say the words or choose better ones now,” Hagin said. “But I can apologize: to Don, to Todd, to the Rockies organization, to Rockies fans, and to baseball.”

Hagin previously stated that former Rockies Manager Don Baylor “said to me, ‘I told [Helton] to get off the juice, that he was a player who didn’t need that, get off it.'” ESPN and other media outlets quickly picked up the comment. Later, Hagin clarified that he meant Helton had been taking the supplement creatine. Baylor hasn’t commented, but is believed to have meant that he preferred Helton mix the creatine with water instead.

Published March 23, 2005

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