Hard-hitting reportage reveals: bees love Darren Oliver’s hair gel

From the Strikethree.com Newsroom

TUCSON, AZ — Thursday’s game between the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks was called after five innings when bees swarmed onto the field. Initially the bees swept through center field and converged on the mound, where Rockies pitcher Darren Oliver was standing. After several attempts to evade the bees, Oliver left the game.

The bees then spread out as the Diamondbacks took the field at the top of the sixth, chasing SS Sergio Santos from his position and prompting the umpires to call the game. Afterwards, Oliver explained that his hair gel probably attracted the bees. “I guess I must have smelled good,” Oliver said, as we suddenly envisioned a weird idea for a new Axe body spray commercial…

Published March 25, 2005

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