Rockies ready to toss out first punch

From the Newsroom

With the Cactus League wrapping up, three Rockies players found themselves tossed from a different game — the Phoenix Suns’ NBA tilt against the Denver Nuggets. Four Rockies, OF Matt Holliday and pitchers Shawn Chacon, Brian Fuentes and Javier Lopez, had been sitting immediately behind Suns owner Robert Sarver, who took exception to the ballplayers’ behavior. Sarver had security escort three of the players out.

At press time, only Fuentes and Chacon had been identified as ejected. “We have a policy and expect a certain type of behavior from fans,” Sarver said later. “When they violate the policy and don’t adhere to a number of warnings, they need to leave.” The NBA imposed a “fan conduct” policy this year in the wake of the Pacers’ attack on fans in Detroit. Fans are not to throw objects, heckle loudly, and presumably are not to insult any player who might be choking them out in the stands.

Published March 31, 2005

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