North Dakota legislature wants its tourist attraction back

From the Newsroom

The North Dakota Senate has joined in the media frenzy over steroids by unanimously approving a resolution asking Bud Selig to reinstate Roger Maris as baseball’s single-season home run record holder. Maris’ record has been surpassed six times — twice by Mark McGwire, once by Barry Bonds, and three times by Sammy Sosa — but the politicians said that uncertainty over the use of performance-enhancing substances should invalidate those seasons.

Maris grew up in Fargo, ND, and Maris-related attractions there include the Roger Maris Museum. “In North Dakota when we think something has been wrong, we try to make it right,” said resolution sponsor Sen. Joel Heitkamp. No word on whether his next resolution will be to return the state to the Native Americans…

Published April 1, 2005

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