Unfortunate Garciaparra groin-related quotes ‘r’ us

From the Strikethree.com Newsroom

ST. LOUIS, Missouri — Cubs SS Nomar Garciaparra had to be carried off the field after injuring his groin during a 3-1 victory over the Cardinals Wednesday night. Garciaparra took two steps towards first base after hitting a ground ball when he fell to the ground. He is scheduled to undergo an MRI today.

Cubs manager Dusty Baker showed concern that the injury was severe. “It’s not good, it’s a bad groin,” Baker said. Garciaparra himself concurred. “I’ve never felt anything like this before — It’s kind of a freak thing.” this marks the first time we’ve managed to work “groin” and “freak thing” into the same news story…

Published April 21, 2005

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