Clemens to retire, and this time he might be serious

From the Newsroom

PHOENIX, AZ — With most of the media focusing on Barry Bonds, other news was almost lost on Tuesday, as Roger Clemens told USA Today that he planned on retiring after playing in the World Baseball Classic. Clemens, 43, is unsigned after finishing his contract with the Astros last year.

I’m going to watch my sons play,” Clemens told McNewspaper. “I’ll see Koby play a little bit [in the minors] and get [Kory] out of high school. I’ll stay active. There are a lot of things I want to do. But…if I’m sitting in the stands in Boston, or New York, or somewhere in May, and get the itch again, who knows what will happen…?” a-HA!

Published March 9, 2006

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