This just in: it’s an election year

From the Newsroom

With steroids again in the news, politicians are again lining up to be heard on the low-risk issue of steroids in sports, with Rep. Cliff Stearns sending a terse note to MLB commissioner Bud Selig on Wednesday.

“Congress remains very concerned about the use of illegal, performance-enhancing drugs in sports at all levels and the effect that unpunished professional athletes who use such drugs will have on future generations,” wrote Stearns, seemingly worried that raging steroid-abusing players will fill the streets, beating up on children.

Despite asserting that “we have been encouraged by the tougher policy and penalties you re-negotiated with the MLBPA and will withhold judgment of their effectiveness until sufficient time has elapsed,” Stearns went on to ask what MLB planned to do about players who allegedly used steroids but passed drug tests.

It is not known what his next step is, but it is rumored that Stearns, a northern Florida Republican, plans to allege steroid use by each team that plays the Devil Rays.

Published March 16, 2006

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