Bonds pursues the other great American pastime

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — With the ink not even dry on the first copies of the exposé Game of Shadows, Barry Bonds and his lawyers have done a little printing themselves, in the form of a lawsuit.

On Thursday Bonds’ lawyers sent a letter informing writers Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams and their publishers that an “injunctive action will be brought pursuant to California’s Unfair Competition Law…to obtain, in summary, disgorgement of any profits related to or derived from the publication and distribution of the book.” In plain English, this means…well, we were with them until the “disgorgement” part.

The suit intends to instigate proceedings to indict the authors for contempt, because of the book’s extensive use of confidential grand jury transcripts the authors obtained. The suit does not at this time include libel. “We at Gotham Books are shocked that Barry Bonds would take such a foolish step. Any respected First Amendment lawyer in America knows that his claim is nonsense,” responded Gotham Books spokesman Lisa Johnson, who had apparently polled First Amendment lawyers and disrespected the dissenters.

Bonds’ attorney, Michael Rains, said Bonds is not going to comment on the legal action. “He’s had a great spring as everyone knows. His bat speaks for himself,” Rains told reporters. Requests to speak with the bat were denied.

Published March 24, 2006

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