Umps in minors demand upgrade from generic mac ‘n’ cheese

From the Newsroom

The company that supplies the minor leagues’ umpires fired back on the eve of a strike that would cause triple-A games to be run by beer-league umps.

The umps, who have been hired seasonally but also form the pool from which MLB umpires are selected, have not been able to come to an agreement on a contract with the Professional Baseball Umpire Corporation, and hope to raise a pay scale they say has not increased in a decade, topping out at $15,000 for a season in AAA. The umpires’ union also claims that the PBUC had threatened to fire those who strike, and have attempted to persuade some umps to cross picket lines.

“The AMLU has been threatening to strike in support of their contract demands for weeks. They’re trying to mislead someone by now changing their story to claim that they want to strike to protest these alleged unfair labor practices,” PBUC lawyer George Yund said on Sunday, likely incurring triple fees to his clients.

“Ask them if they’ll agree not to strike if PBUC corrects the alleged ULP,” Yund continued. “In addition, PBUC denies that it committed any unfair labor practice.” When asked if he wasn’t being just a bit defensive, he replied, “hey, over there! It’s Tom Cruise kissing a psychiatrist!” and when we looked back he was gone.

Published March 27, 2006

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