Apparently they CAN make a federal case out of it

From the Newsroom

WASHINGTON, DC — With the nation apparently suffering from a lack of important issues, Congress may turn to local TV baseball coverage as its new crusade. Rep. Tom Davis said on Sunday that he would consider holding hearings if Comcast does not come to terms with the new network that will broadcast Washington Nationals games.

Comcast has been at an impasse with NASN, created by MLB and Orioles owner Peter Angelos in exchange for Angelos’ allowing the Expos to move to Washington. Angelos has terminated the Orioles’ contract with Comcast in preparation for moving the team’s games to NASN in 2007, when they then hope to sell the games back to Comcast.

Davis chairs the House Government Reform Committee, who were last seen grilling MLB over steroids. When asked whether holding hearings over local TV baseball might dilute the importance of previous and future hearings, Davis said, “your call is important to us.” Then there was a beeping noise. We got confused.

Published March 28, 2006

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