Link(s) of the Week: Julian Tavarez, Gentle Soul

Michael Cox

Here’s the story of Monday’s Red Sox/Devil Rays brawl (lost in the “he called me a name” accusation is the fact that Tavarez had just spiked Gathright’s arm).

Here’s the story of Tavarez (“a gentle soul”–Josh Beckett) in 2000, calling Giants fans “faggots” after he was booed in San Francisco. (He claimed they threw eggs, meaning that by Tavarez’s logic, punches < names < eggs. Or maybe they're all equal to him. He's not talking now, so we may never know.) And here’s the story of Tavarez slamming umpire Joe Brinkman to the ground when Brinkman attempted to hold Tavarez back during a brawl Tavarez touched off in 1996 (the same game as the infamous Albert Belle “forearm shiver” incident).

Then there’s the Russ Davis karate-kick-to-the-chest incident.

We could link the Jeff Kent fastball-at-the-head incident, the Barry Bonds fastball-at-the-head incident, or the punching-the-defenseless-clubhouse-phone and-breaking-his-own hand in-the-middle of-the-playoffs incident, but we think Beckett’s already reconsidering his assessment of the pitcher…

Published March 29, 2006

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