Link(s) of the Week: The Worldwide Leader in Steroids

Michael Cox

Notwithstanding that Bud Selig’s timing couldn’t be worse for announcing a probe into Barry Bonds…er, major-leaguers’ substance abuse, but ESPN jumped all over it with both feet. However, Jim Caple once again proved he is so above the average sportswriter with this assumption-challenging piece on Bonds. And to prove how much better he is, here’s a little Buster Olney (spoiler: the answer to every one of Olney’s questions is “because no one gave a rat’s ass but sportswriters”).

But would be nothing without “SportsNation” (ESPN: the worldwide leader in useless polls), which asked me to rank who I’d like to see “probed.”

My selections:
My selections

Their interpretation of my selections:
Their interpretation

Cough, cough.

Published April 4, 2006

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