Bowden: This is how I made the Griffey deal

From the Newsroom

MIAMI, FL — Entering a realm formerly reserved for players, Nationals GM Jim Bowden was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol early Monday morning. Police said Bowden ran a stop sign, then failed field sobriety tests (one of which is saying “failed field sobriety tests” three times fast) and smelled strongly of alcohol. “I intend to plead not guilty at a future date in a Miami-Dade court,” Bowden said in a written press release, before beginning a search for Dr. Emmett Brown.

“The Washington Nationals will monitor the situation as it works its way through the court system and will not make any comment or take any action until the legal issues are resolved,” said the team’s own statement, finally confirming that it is, in fact, based in Washington.

Published April 18, 2006

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