Wells to Commish: I’m sss… I’m sss…

From the Strikethree.com Newsroom

BOSTON, MA – David Wells’ return to the Red Sox was less than two-fisted on Tuesday, with the lefty retracting some, but clearly not all, of an earlier statement aimed squarely at Bud Selig. “I wish to apologize for my comments of a few weeks ago regarding commissioner Bud Selig,” the e-mailed mea culpa began, referring to Wells’ spring diatribe. “While I disagreed then and still disagree today with commissioner Selig’s response to a sign posted at the Yankees spring training stadium regarding the World Baseball Classic, my remarks were overly harsh and should not have been directed personally at the commissioner.”

In March, Wells not only went against Red Sox code by sticking up for George Steinbrenner’s mispelled sign, but also called for Selig to resign, adding, “It’s a joke. Nobody likes him.” Contrary to some reports, however, Wells did not go on to wish for the Commissioner to just eat worms.

“Mr. Selig’s job subjects him regularly to close scrutiny by all who work in and follow the game,” Wells’ e-mail said. “That job should not be made even more difficult by unwarranted personal attacks.” A subsequent poll showed that fans agreed that the warranted attacks were plenty enough.

Published April 19, 2006

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