Bowden rejects seat in Chuck Finley’s therapy group

From the Newsroom

MIAMI, FL — The plot of Nationals GM Jim Bowden’s DUI charge continued to thicken Wednesday, after it was revealed that police also charged his girlfriend with battery and resisting arrest. Officers at the scene said they saw Bowden and Joy Browning arguing before they reached Bowden’s car, and that they found scratches on his right ear and left cheek but no apparent cat.

While Bowden denied any domestic violence, he stopped short of saying that Browning didn’t scratch him, resulting in saucy conjecture. “These allegations are wholly unfounded, and we will aggressively contest and challenge them,” the pair’s attorney John Bergendahl said, perhaps not realizing that a kind of aggressive “challenge” may have caused the scratches in the first place.

Bowden returned to the job on Wednesday, and spoke to manager Frank Robinson about the issue. “I just called him to touch base with him, reach out to him,” Robinson said, unwittingly making himself a suspect.

Published April 20, 2006

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