Birds’ revenge on Big Unit: second to AFLAC duck

From the Newsroom

BOSTON, MA — Maybe it’s because Steinbrenner forced him to trim the hair and goatee, but Randy Johnson is apparently off the short list of hunks, coming in second in an alternative weekly’s list of least sexy men. Unit placed behind only Gilbert Gottfried, best known by baseball fans as the voice of the duck in those insurance commercials.

Johnson’s high placing put him among such luminaries as Roger Ebert, Dr. Phil and Fox News commentator Alan Colmes, the latter of whom owes his job to the fact that he makes Sean Hannity look like a god. The list, appearing in the Boston Phoenix, seems skewed towards New York celebrities while omitting such obvious selections as Julian Tavarez. At press time we haven’t figured out why that could possibly be.

Published April 24, 2006

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