Sports poll: sports polls are stupid

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WASHINGTON, DC – Baseball fans may not like steroids or Barry Bonds, but they’re not sure, an AOL/AP poll found on Monday. The survey of 793 people who claimed to be baseball fans took the innovative step of asking half the respondents different questions, and as expected, got differing results.

Of the half who were asked, “Should Barry Bonds be allowed into the Hall of Fame if he is found to have used steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs?” 61 percent said no, while only 43 percent of people agreed when the question became, “should Bonds be allowed in the Hall if he was found to have used drugs only until they were outlawed in 2002?” Bonds has not failed a substance test since testing began, although most sportswriters believe that’s because you can sneak in camel urine.

The poll also found that 53 percent of fans say MLB has “fallen short on keeping the sport drug-free,” but did not specify whether that meant not banning horse steroid users for life, or looking the other way when Barry Zito has an urge for the chronic. The poll also did not ask what percentage of users prefer steroid use in MLB to, say, receiving increasingly elaborately packaged, “free” Internet disks in the mail every week for the rest of their lives.

Published April 24, 2006

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