Pujols decides not to do “the running man” at the plate

From the Strikethree.com Newsroom

ST. LOUIS, MO — A week after The Battle of the Showboats, Albert Pujols again homered off Pirates pitcher Oliver Perez, but this time he put his bat down nice and easy before dashing around the bases. That didn’t stop the press from spending the rest of the week rehashing The Bat Flip Seen Round The World, though.

Pujols said on Tuesday that yes, last week’s action was meant as a rebuttal to a perceived slight on the part of Perez. “He’s disrespecting the game when you start pointing and looking when you strike somebody out,” the home run leader, and one of the few players today who doesn’t point to the sky every time he advances a base, said.

Perez begged to differ. “So some people, they think I do something against him or something,” he said. “That’s how I play my baseball.” Unfortunately for him, hitting homers off Perez is how Pujols plays his baseball.

Published April 26, 2006

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