MLB: This time we’re really selling the Nats, honest

From the Newsroom

NEW YORK, NY — Years after giving the Lorias a sweet deal to sell the Expos, buy the Marlins and win the World Series, Major League Baseball is finally going to end its stint as franchise owners, COO Bob Du Puy said Thursday. Finally finding a buyer willing to pay their $450 million asking price, MLB hopes to invest the profits in more “I Live For This” ads.

The new owners will eventually move into what will temporarily be the most expensive ballpark in MLB. “Certainly we would want the putative owners to get involved right away in stadium discussions, get involved in planning, get involved with the politicians, because we’re heading down to some deadlines there, too, in terms of groundbreaking and trying to get the ballpark done,” Du Puy said, while rubbing his hands together and dialing up what looked like the number of a Swiss bank.

Published April 27, 2006

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