LA Times’ headline writers furious at words

Michael Cox

ANAHEIM, CA — The Los Angeles Times did its best to escalate the possible bad blood between the Angels and White Sox, but Sox manager Ozzie Guillen did his best to nip it in the bud on Sunday. After seeing the headline, “Chicago Manager Guillen is mad at Scioscia after Escobar hits Pierzynski,” Guillen said he phoned Scioscia to make nice, and come to agreement that sportswriters were the real enemy.

The headline, apparently written by an intern on three hours’ sleep, did not match the article, which stated that Guillen was actually miffed at Kelvim Escobar for throwing leg music to A.J. Pierzynski during Saturday’s game. “Mike said he doesn’t want to have any problems with us, and neither do we,” Guillen said, apparently having seen the dire consequences that arise from having problems with one’s self.

There was no comment from the Times, whose sports department was busy ensuring that the NFL draft was treated as much, much more important than it actually is.

Published May 1, 2006

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