Giants fans prepare to catch 714; weapons involved

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — With the undeserving Phillies fans deprived of his Ruth-tying homer, Barry Bonds will return home where they will actually cheer when he hits 714 and 715. Bonds, who sat out on Monday night, should be in the lineup Tuesday. Commissioner Bud Selig has not mentioned whether he plans to be in town, but the Vegas line is 8-3 against.

Selig previously made no special plans to record the homer that will put Bonds second on the all-time list, even neglecting to use specially identifiable baseballs. He later relented and the microchipped balls will be used, disappointing several Bay Area collectables shops that had planned to put 715th-home-run balls on Ebay.

After downplaying the mark himself at the start of the season, Bonds admitted on Sunday that it was maybe a little important. “It’s a little bit larger than the single-season record home run. It’s big. it’s really big,” he told reporters. Unfortunately, an accomplishment isn’t big until it’s given the High Esteemed Commissioner’s Really Big Accomplishment Award, and an MLB spokesjanitor said Selig was planning that “right after Freddy Garcia gets one.”

Published May 9, 2006

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