Link(s) of the Week: Pathetic figure

Michael Cox

It never ceases to amaze me how sportswriters feel like they need to pound it into your head that Barry Bonds is a bad, bad man. But Yahoo Sports (read: “no newspaper or legitimate sports organization would hire me”) writer Dan Wetzel pulls out all the stops in this beauty, which officially (and, of course, unknowingly) takes the “Mean Barry” subgenre into self-parody.

In the process, Wetzel uses the repeated sarcastic phrase “Victim Barry,” offers a decade-old anecdote, spins a clubhouse prank, mocks Bonds for being old and hurt, and even drops a name of someone who supposedly wants Bonds dead. Of course, the piece is virtually research-free, pretty much ripped from the pages of new book Love Me, Hate Me by career bad-guy finder Jeff Pearlman (The Bad Guys Won), who seems to spend his career calling players out. (gee, I wonder why no one seems to want to talk to him? Oh yeah, it’s “the code”).

Anyway, back to Crappy Sportswriter, er Wetzel — at least Pearlman does some legwork for his hatchet jobs. And when the point is, “see, we were right all along and you were wrong, us good, Barry bad, now admit it” — it’s basically the pot calling the kettle self-righteous.

Published May 17, 2006

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