Pierzynski formally applies for martyrdom

From the Strikethree.com Newsroom

CHICAGO, IL — The day after the bench-clearing brawl at US Cellular Field, White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski was yet again the focus of head-shaking on Sunday. After Pierzynski hit a home run in the fourth inning, he thumped his chest twice, put his fist to his mouth and pointed toward the sky, mocking Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano’s ritual. Zambrano and Pierzynski exchanged words, but it did not come to blows, likely to the relief of both team’s bullpens, who would have had a long run to join in.

Zambrano had initially asked Sox third-baseman and part-time garden gnome Joey Cora in Spanish to “keep your guy calm and don’t show anything.” For his part, Pierzynski put his actions down to boyish playfulness. “I didn’t stand there and watch it, I ran,” he said. “It gets tired after a while because I’m sick of dealing with stuff when I don’t do anything.” Excellent preparation for a career as a Congressman, we say.

Published May 21, 2006

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