Griffey gets mad and gets even

From the Newsroom

CINCINNATI, OH — It’s a lesson so many have had to learn in the past, and some local Cincy sports-talk radio hosts learned it this week: Ken Griffey Jr. plays better when he’s mad. In the days since the “Two Angry Guys” put forth that Griffey should move from center field, Griffey has gone 4-for-8 with 2 homers, a double and 7 RBI, plus three amazing catches in the field, suggesting that the beer-and-microphone duo might want to keep up the criticism.

But after Tuesday’s game against the Brewers, Junior wouldn’t discuss the issue with the media, instead telling them, “Y’all can go talk to the angry men.” Needless to say, this posed a conundrum for the gathered scribes. “They’re never at the ballpark,” replied Dayton Daily News reporter Hal McCoy. This inability to perform a modicum of walking to the main entrance of the Great American Ballpark suggests a new career path for the duo: American Idol bloggers.

Published May 24, 2006

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