Link(s) of the Week: Spilling the (Coffee) Beans

Michael Cox

Jason Grimsley is all you’re going to hear about for the next few weeks, so before you make your ranty call to the local sports-radio host or send an expletive-laced e-mail to us (true) you might want to study up from the source: IRS agent Jeff Novitzky’s report, posted for your perusal at The Smoking Gun website. At least then you’ll know what expletives to use.

The hefty document contains seven pages of Grimsley spilling the beans on teammates, former teammates (including one who apparently has “the worst back acne [Grimsley] has ever seen, and in effect, every latin player in MLB:

“Grimsley described himself as a former user of amphetamines, which he referred to as ‘greenies’ and ‘beans.’ Grimsley further stated that ‘they work'”…

“Grimsley identified ‘latin players’ as a major source of the amphetamines in baseball. He stated that it was common knowledge that you could get amphetamines from ‘Latin players.’ He stated that he got amphetamines from ‘Latin players’ whenever he needed them. He stated that ‘Latin players’ had boxes of them.”

“Grimsley stated that until last year, Major League clubhouses had pots of coffee labeled ‘leaded’ and ‘unleaded’ for the players, indicating coffee with amphetamines and without.

Based on Grimsley’s statements, has determined that federal agents are seeking this man:

Juan Valdez

Published June 8, 2006

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