Ozzie to receive Commissioner’s Marge Schott Award

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CHICAGO, IL — Mere moments after receiving a suspension for his role in a beaning, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen got the other barrel from Bud Selig on Thursday for loudly judging a sportswriter’s sexual orientation.

MLB disciplinarian Bob “Hang ‘Em High” Watson suspended Guillen and Sox pitcher David Riske for Riske’s inside heater earlier in the week, with which he nailed Cards 1B Chris Duncan after both benches had been warned. The two were also fined an undisclosed amount, which could be anywhere from a nickel to a million dollars.

Guillen’s punishment didn’t end there, as Selig fined Guillen a second undisclosed amount for calling Chicago sportswriter Jay Mariotti a “[euphemism for homosexual].” In fact, Guillen called Mariotti a “piece of [scatalogical term]” and a “[euphemism for having sex] [euphemism for homosexual],” but as there was no outcry by the Scatalogical Terms Anti-Defamation League, no harm, no foul.

“Baseball is a social institution with responsibility to set appropriate tone and example,” Selig said. “Conduct or language that reflects otherwise will not be tolerated. The use of slurs embarrasses the individual, the club and the game.” Not to mention jeopardizing about 10% of revenues.

Selig also ordered Guillen to attend sensitivity training classes. While Guillen apologized for his choice of words, his choice of target remains. “One thing I’m going to make clear is, I apologize to the community, but to Jay, no chance.”

For his part, Mariotti took the moral high road. “Last year at Yankee Stadium, [Guillen] claimed to be greeting a friend warmly when he said, ‘Hey, everybody, this guy’s a homosexual! He’s a child molester,'” Mariotti wrote in his latest column. Of course, when we say “took the high road,” we clearly mean “got down in the gutter with him.”

Published June 22, 2006

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