Myers sent to A-ball for non-televised booing

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BALTIMORE, MD — Phillies pitcher Brett Myers asked for a leave of absence, and got demoted Wednesday as the fallout from his public wife-beating incident continued. Myers had been seen punching his wife on Friday near Fenway Park, where the Phillies were playing an interleague series. Myers is not expected to pitch for single-A Clearwater, as he prepares for trial and possible community-service time.

Despite his arrest, Myers pitched Saturday in Boston, and didn’t seem to think the booing was out of the ordinary. “You’re in an opposing city,” he reasoned. “You’re going to get booed either way.” It wasn’t until Tuesday that he seemed to realize he might be greeted with catcalls even at Citizens Bank Park. “While I dispute that the facts are as alleged, I recognize that my behavior was inappropriate and for that I apologize,” Myers’ statement read, demonstrating a true grasp of the situation.

Myers’ future with the team is uncertain — Diamondbacks P Bobby Chouinard’s career was ended by his domestic violence conviction in 2000, and Chouinard wasn’t caught so dead to rights.

Unidentified sources reported hearing Myers weeping and swearing “I’ll change, baby…you know we’re good together…this time it’ll be different…c’mon, let’s give it one more chance.” Unfortunately, the sources could not hear how Phillies president Dave Montgomery responded.

Published June 28, 2006

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