Links of the Week: Myers’ brazen return

Michael Cox

Brett Myers is still awaiting his day in court for publicly assaulting his wife, but the Phillies needed his pitching more than they needed closure, bringing him back last week, including a home start on ESPN.

And as expected, at least one cry of Let Him Put It Behind Himâ„¢ came loud and clear. Jack McCaffery says “enough.” Claims Myers apologized. (Myers did in fact apologize…for the incident being public. Then for “any incident that happened.”) The gist: that perpetual booing is somehow a fate worse than prison.

McCaffery seems to be sure it was a freak one-time (alleged) incident, despite the overheard cry of Myers’ wife: “I’m not going to let you do this to me anymore.” And he’s quick to point out that Myers is rumored to potentially be getting counseling.

After the game, which featured only a smattering of boos, McCaffery lauded the Philly fans, and coaxed this quote out of GM Pat “get in, spend cash, get out” Gillick:

If you are in a business, you have to monitor fan reaction and try to understand the fans’ likes and dislikes. We’re cognizant and we are aware of the fans and they are very important to us because they provide the funds to run this franchise. So they are taken into consideration. But between that, there are always a few people who are more exuberant or more outgoing than others. And I don’t know if those are fans or those are people that just like to hassle.

In other words, Gillick sees this as no different from Yankee fans chanting “Who’s your daddy” at Pedro Martinez. If someone gets on Myers too hard, it must be the Bud Light talking.

Shame on you for not moving on.

Published July 25, 2006

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