Torre: Lidle apparently crashed plane into NYC building

From the Newsroom

NEW YORK – Authorities feared terrorism when a light plane crashed into an apartment building in Manhattan on Wednesday, but the scenario took a bizarre turn when sources said the pilot was Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle.

The plane, which banked steeply just before the crash, had reportedly made a mayday call to report a loss of fuel. Hours after NORAD had scrambled fighter jets to shoot down any other suspicious planes, Yankees manager Joe Torre revealed to CNN that the plane belonged to Lidle. Shortly thereafter, a witness reported recovering Lidle’s passport from the street near the scene. If he was aboard, Lidle has likely perished in the crash, authorities said.

It is unclear what Lidle’s plans were, and at press time no flight plan has been found. “We have no idea where it came from,” said Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman.

Published October 11, 2006

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