Boras to Bloggers: You Are Doody-heads

Michael Cox

The current issue of Men’s Journal features an interview with Scott Boras, the agent so super he had the Rangers bidding against themselves for A-Rod.

In the article, author Matt Taibbi ventures into Boras’ “neo–Dr. No supervillain lair” (we are not making that up) to pick his brain, and the man doesn’t disappoint:

Boras sighed and said the internet should have a new name. “It should be the intersuck.”

In other highlights, he loves the Cards and Cubs, hates the Dodgers and Pirates (the latter not for blowing, but for not free-agenting it up), and his tender feelings:

“I’m a good Catholic boy,” he said. “I don’t appreciate being called Satan.”

Read on.

Published February 28, 2009

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