Opening Day Assterisks

April 4, 2006

Instead of playing “guess the meds” with Peter Gammons, you could be reading Michael Cox’s innermost thoughts. (We edited out the one about Kevin Federline and the Bad Music SWAT Team.)

NL East Predix: Abreu! Bless you.

April 2, 2005

Continuing his whiz round the game, Michael Cox sees Phantasies Phulphilled, Phans Pheeling Phantastic, and a Phield of Phormidable Phoes. Yes, the division that has been the Braves’ old world may see a new champion, and it will very likely not be the Nats.

Preview: Phil Me In

March 18, 2005

Switching to the Senior Circuit, Ted Bauer gets the lay of the land and gives angry propers to the red-and-white. But don’t count out that Bobby Cox…he’s got that mean evil eye thing goin’ on.

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