Links of the Week: Myers’ brazen return

July 25, 2006

When you tip a waitress, you’re not forever known as The Waitress Tipper. When you ride the bus, people don’t deride you as The Bus Rider. So why should Randy Myers suffer a scarlet letter just because he got caught once punching a woman half his size? Trust your friendly neighborhood sportswriter (and GM) to sympathize.

NL East Predix: Abreu! Bless you.

April 2, 2005

Continuing his whiz round the game, Michael Cox sees Phantasies Phulphilled, Phans Pheeling Phantastic, and a Phield of Phormidable Phoes. Yes, the division that has been the Braves’ old world may see a new champion, and it will very likely not be the Nats.

Preview: Phil Me In

March 18, 2005

Switching to the Senior Circuit, Ted Bauer gets the lay of the land and gives angry propers to the red-and-white. But don’t count out that Bobby Cox…he’s got that mean evil eye thing goin’ on.

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