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Since 1998, Strikethree.com has served millions of baseball fans with its news, analysis, insight, and all-around jocularity. Based in Seattle, correspondents around the globe contribute in order to further your understanding and enjoyment of baseball. Also, sometimes we work on the site in a little coffee shop.

Our writers have appeared on national television and radio as well as major newspapers, and have contributed to books such as Baseball Prospectus and Baseball Primer. There's still room for improvement, however, and you're welcome to help (does your uncle have a big barn where we can put on a show?).

Strikethree.com is a product of RainDelay Inc., a company with huge oil holdings and property investments...okay, so all they do is make Strikethree.com and one or two other sites. They're still around. Enron isn't. I rest my case.


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We're looking for a few great writers. We prefer writers who love baseball over baseball fans who like to write. For more information, see our Submission Guidelines. Cartoonists and animators welcome, too!

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