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Questions about our advertising, our attitude, and how you can help us

About Our Advertisers

Q: Why do you accept advertising on

A: To make money. And not much, at that, especially since we don't accept ads for tobacco, offshore casinos, or anyone who uses flashing error messages or tricks people into thinking they've won cash or can get a "free" iPhone. We treat our readers like they're smart because it's good business. The "shock the monkey" people will do fine until they've tricked everyone they can trick.

It helps us a lot more when you use our links to our baseball stores for merchandise, or when you buy our unique merchandise from CafePress. It all helps keep the server running and the lights on.

But if you feel like clicking on an ad or two, that helps too.

Q: I thought I saw a pop-up ad here recently. I hate those.

A: That's not a question. But we know how you feel about pop-up ads, and if you do see one during or after your visit, it wasn't ours. Many commonly installed applications can add pop-ups to the sites you browse, or replace our ads with different ads we don't get paid for.

Google has an excellent page on how you can reduce the number of pop-ups you see. We'd like to add one - most browsers, including the Strikethree-endorsed Firefox, have an option that allows you to eliminate pop-ups.

Q: Are you considering making your site "subscription only"? So help me, I'll delete your bookmark so fast...

A: Relax. As long as we have anything to do with it, our entire site will be free to use, and you've been enjoying it free for over a decade now. (You are enjoying it, right?

Q: Why, of course I am.

A: You know, a lot of people are going to get confused if you keep making statements on the "Q" line.

Q: Sorry. Can I advertise on

A: If you're looking for a low-cost way of reaching baseball-crazed and highly intelligent readers, you could do no better than to advertise here. We offer banner ads, sponsorships, and other innovative marketing ploys. Just contact us using our handy form for information.

Q: May I go now?

A: What the heck.

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