Writers and Artists Wanted

We’re looking for talented writers, cartoonists and animators who also happen to have a passion for baseball.

If you have a knack for writing insightful, intelligent, entertaining prose, or simply for lampooning all that is baseball, we may be looking for you.

Submission Guidelines

1. Read the site and get a feel for what we’re about. Note that we frequently make fun of normal sportswriters. Note that we also make fun of ourselves. Note also that we make a habit of questioning conventional wisdom, and that the “plucky clubhouse leader” had better have an OPS over .750 if he’s to be taken seriously.

2. Send us an e-mail, briefly explaining who you are and reminding us we asked for submissions. No need to go too far into credentials—your writing will speak for itself. Attach a story (Word or .txt preferred) or link to one or more articles you’ve written. If you haven’t written anything, write something and send that.

3. Wait. When we ask for submissions we normally get swamped. If we don’t accept you, don’t take it personally, and don’t give up your dream. It doesn’t mean you aren’t any good, it just means you’re not a match for what we’re looking for.

4. If you’re accepted, congratulations! You’re on your way to fame and fortune…well, perhaps just fame. We do not pay at this time. If you’re on board when we start making money, be assured we won’t forget you. In the meantime, you retain all rights to your work after a one-week exclusivity window here, and if you’re really good, Baseball Prospectus might hire you away. We may also give you free junk from time to time.

For more details, or to let us know you’re the next Jim Caple, use our contact form.

Thank you for considering Strikethree.com as an avenue for your journalistic talent.

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